• By Constantine Siversky

Marketplace Strategy / Brand Ambassador / Business Development

How to structure a Business Development effort that identifies with the strategy that supports a firms marketing branding and sales efforts. Much is discussed about business development how it relates to increasing sales for a firm and various methods utilized to assist the process. I’ll share some thoughts from the experiences I’ve had with the firms I’ve been involved with and hope it sheds some light on the process. Marketplace Strategy / Business Development should be considered together to develop relationships and support the firm’s brand to create opportunities for new business along with increasing business with existing clients. All of us who have been involved with BD have relationships, how we develop, cultivate and manage them determines our success. By acting in a professional manner and consciously supporting the brand a person can introduce the firm’s services ask for business and support sales. A successful firm has a well-defined brand in the marketplace by understanding that image and realizing its position in the marketplace we can help in developing opportunities.



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