• By Robert Holland, The Kislak Company, Inc.

Bright Projections for New Year, New Decade

At Kislak, we are very fortunate to be able to say it is rewarding to look back, and exciting to look ahead. As 2019 drew to a close, we found ourselves reflecting on a decade of extensive growth capped by a strong year, while anticipating the opportunities and ventures awaiting in 2020 – many of which are already in the pipeline. We are proud of Kislak’s reputation as an important force in the market since 1906. Over time, Kislak has demonstrated the ability to succeed through all types of economic climates. We respect and embrace history and traditions, while enthusiastically forging ahead with innovations and ideas that benefit our clients and our communities. In our primary markets of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, we finished 2019 with a total of 165 closed transactions. It was gratifying and inspiring to see terrific deals put together by Kislak salespeople at varying stages of their careers. Very experienced salespeople came through with stellar performances, setting the bar high by closing on impressive deals. At the same time, many recent additions to the team learned from these talented mentors and completed their own important transactions. Across the board, there is the promise of continuing this high level of professional achievement.



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