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What you need to know about Architectural Glass Walls Systems

Over the past decade commercial interiors have migrated toward open floor plans, utilizing the benefits of daylighting and providing a spacious feel. However, the trade-off is often the reduction of private or quiet workspaces. The use of architectural glass wall systems offers the best of both worlds. The growing popularity of interior glass – and tax implications of demountable partitions – have dramatically increased the use of glazing in commercial interiors. Glass offers visual openness with the benefits of acoustic privacy, while maximizing natural light. As owners strive to increase building efficiency, glass partitions enable an attractive, modern look in less space than traditional walls. Glass work has long been trusted to professional glaziers due to its inherent construction challenges and fragility. Glass requires specialized equipment, safety protocol, and understanding of the metal systems that anchor it in place and sealants necessary to ensure its appearance and performance. Glaziers undergo rigorous training to learn glass best practices and jobsite safety.



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