Martin & Weisser of RGS promoted to Professional Engineer

LANCASTER, PA — RGS announced the promotion from Engineering in Training (EIT) to Professional Engineer (PE) for Isaiah Martin and Tim Weisser. Weisser and Martin recently passed their Professional Engineer licensure exam, granting them each the title of Licensed Professional Engineer. The PE license is the engineering profession’s highest standard of competence, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. Progressing through initiative and dedication, both Weisser and Martin have shown commitment to the exemplary performance of their duties. By understanding, and then prioritizing clients and their needs, they ensure that RGS delivers timely, efficient and quality service that exceeds expectations. We know that Weisser and Martin will continue to provide this same level of client-focused service with new titles. Martin’s favorite project to work on was the Calvary Fellowship Homes project, as it was the first project he designed stormwater from start to finish. Weisser's favorite project, the Wilbur project was a unique site with ambitious design challenges. The design of the site was difficult, but seeing the site having a use again was rewarding. 


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