Procida Funding, LLC announces 100 Mile Fund, LLC achieves a net return to investors of 11.56% for 2

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ — New Jersey-based real estate lender, Procida Funding, LLC announced that the 100 Mile Fund, LLC, which it manages, achieved a net return to investors of 11.56% for 2019. Since the Fund’s inception in 2011, the Fund has achieved a net annual distribution of 12.8%. Procida’s 100 Mile Fund makes loans and other investments in real estate within 100 miles of its office in Englewood Cliffs. Often, these investments have significant local impact which can be seen in a number of neighborhoods, such as Paterson and Camden, and Beacon and New York City, NY. Since 1995, Procida’s different funds have invested over $3 billion.


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