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How to adapt in the changing real estate environment

For those working in the real estate industry, today’s global coronavirus pandemic is like an earthquake, occurring simultaneously in every ocean, creating enormous tsunamis sweeping through the entire industry. These tidal waves may become an annual and seasonal event, rippling through your commercial and residential businesses. It requires those in the real estate world to rapidly adapt or surrender to reduced sales and closing business locations.According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveys that were conducted at the end of March, showed that almost one-half of Realtors reported a decrease in homebuyer interest. In addition, even sellers expressed a significant reluctance to show their properties. This increase to almost 50% is up from just 16% in the 1st week of March as a result of coronavirus. Also, consider how federal, state and local authorities' recommendations and actions, such as “shelter in place” mandates impact the advisability, and even permissibility of conducting traditional open houses. NAR also recommends that you offer your clients three-dimensional interactive property scans (virtual tours) and using virtual staging to showcase a property – GoVR.Today has these solutions!What if my Sellers insists that you hold open houses? You don’t have to put yourself at risk in servicing a client at a traditional “open house” conducted for a few hours during a week. You can inform your client about the best alternatives to minimize exposure to, and the spread of, COVID-19 – implementing a high-end virtual reality tour which provides a 24 by 7 virtual “open house”. GoVR.Today can help you adapt to this changing market allowing your clients and future customers to experience a new to-be-built property, dream home, and rental / lease property, even when they can’t be physically present. READ MORE

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