Reasonable accommodations for animals comments on revised H.U.D. guideline

The Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity of the Department of Housing and Urban Renewal, by Notice dated January 29, 2020, revised the guidelines that had been issued in 2013. These are comments on the five sections (and the appendix) of the revised guidelines. The five sections are:Part I: Service AnimalsPart II: Analysis of reasonable accommodation requests under the Fair Housing Act for assistance animals other than service animalsPart III: Criteria for assessing whether to grant the requested accommodationPart IV: Type of AnimalPart V: General ConsiderationsWHY THE NEWGUIDELINES:Over one half of Fair Housing Act complaints concern reasonable accommodation and disability issues, and requests for reasonable accommodation for assistance animals are almost half of those. The issue has become prevalent by the increased practice of the sale and use of so-called “certificates” for assistance animals and in some instances, they have been used by persons who do not meet the requirements for a reasonable accommodation. The result has been confusion among housing providers.


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