Corenet Nyc discusses impact of augmented reality on the real estate industry

NEW YORK, NY — CoreNet Global NYC (CoreNet) hosted a virtual webinar, CoreNet Plugged In: Impacts of Augmented Reality on Real Estate, on April 29. Featuring Layer Group Partner Neil Mandt and Colliers International president of Real Estate Management Services Karen Whitt, and moderated by Marcus Rayner, Colliers International New York vice chairman, the event revealed the growing trend of Augmented Reality (AR) in the real estate sector, including the issue of who owns AR rights, how it affects tenant and landlords, and how the technology is being utilized and developed across the industry. For most of the industry, this is unchartered water.Focusing on the recent advancements in AR and VR technology, Mandt and Whitt demonstrated how AR will change the way people approach work, the logistics and legalities of virtual spaces, who owns AR rights, who profits from them, and what corporations can do to protect and manage the virtual space attached to their physical properties in a largely unregulated environment.


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