Design Preview 2021

The circumstances we faced last year have had a significant impact on design. COVID continues to leave a mark on our lifestyles and this new norm has influenced many new products and processes as a result. Being mindful of this is a necessity in commercial design, along with another important objective: to create a genuine experience that captures attention and reaches the audience on an emotional level. So, how do you stand out and provide a differentiated experience? Here are some factors to keep in mind when designing a commercial interior in 2021.

Health & Safety. With social distancing in place, it is more acceptable to design open spaces that are defined and come complete with pods, or small vignette lounges that offer some privacy. This Alone Together concept is what we call an environment where people can be together in an open space, while feeling like they are set apart. Wall dividers, screening, and sliding door options are designed to delineate the room and blend with the aesthetic. A new layer of products has also emerged for protection. Those include flooring, tile, and countertops that are antimicrobial; Ultralow VOC emissions to better control indoor air pollution; and the use of sustainable fabrics – organic cotton and recycled textiles like polyester are most popular. Lighting is another important element we have come to rely on for health and well-being. This category is gaining momentum with technology that mimics natural light, adjusts to an environment, and can even enhance mood, productivity, and sleep.

Create Visual Interest with Color Accents. 2021 is a year to celebrate and commercial spaces are embracing the use of vibrant color and pattern. The Pantone Color Institute, an influencer in product development, is laser focused on new color influences around the globe and selected a color duo for 2021. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says it best, “The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic. This is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope.”


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