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Meet the new IOREBA president Ryan Tiger

Ryan Tiger is the new president of IOREBA and he’s been serving his first term at the helm after having served as VP last year. His goals include a new member push and expanding the benefits that come with joining IOREBA including educational opportunities and unique networking events. Indeed, IOREBA members stay at the forefront of innovation and information in the industrial and office real estate industry.

“We tell prospective members that if they are looking to align themselves with one of the region’s most beneficial CRE networks then IOREBA is right for them,” said Ryan.

A Note From the president: It has been an honor to serve as the president of IOREBA for the past several months. With a great leadership team behind me, we have already accomplished so much. The events are what convinced me to join IOREBA back when I started in the industry in 2011, and our members and events are still the backbone of the organization. Facetime with developers, brokers, professionals, and vendors is most important in our industry, and my mantra as president is to try and bring as many people together as often as possible in a variety of ways. We just had a blast at our annual holiday party at The Highlawn. Our largest attended event is Developer’s Night in March, and we sprinkle smaller events between our annual draws.

IOREBA Holiday party at The Highlawn.

The Port Authority provided an excellent presentation in October about the operation of the ports, and we also have an axe throwing event scheduled for January. More than just events, we’ve provided continuing education opportunities, a variety of informational resources, and an up to date database of service providers. The best way to conduct business is to stay in front of people, and IOREBA provides a fun, effortless way to see old faces and meet new.

IOREBA (The Industrial and Office Real Estate Brokers Association) has long been known as one of the nation’s largest regional organizations in the United States.


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