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Olshan Properties secures long-term loan extension and assumes management of Fair Oaks Mall in VA

Fairfax, VA — Olshan Properties, a real estate development and management firm, has successfully secured a long-term loan extension on Fair Oaks Mall located in Fairfax. With this development, Olshan assumes the management of the 1,557,000 s/f property, signaling a new era of strategic planning and rejuvenation for the iconic mall.

Situated at the intersection of Interstate 66 and US Route 50, Fair Oaks Mall occupies a prime location catering to a densely populated area, offering ample opportunities for growth and revitalization. Olshan recognizes the immense potential of the property and is poised to leverage its expertise in curating vibrant mixed-use, retail and food & beverage (F&B) experiences to breathe new life into the property.

“The loan extension marks a significant milestone in Olshan’s commitment to the long-term success of the property,” said Zach Bornstein, CEO, Olshan Properties. “We are dedicated to insuring Fair Oaks Mall leverages its strategic location and strong community presence to create a dynamic and engaging environment for visitors, the community and our tenants.”

Drawing from its successful track record in managing complex properties across the country, Olshan brings a wealth of experience in incorporating a mix of uses at its projects. With a keen focus on innovation, community engagement and governmental desires, Olshan aims to transform the Fair Oaks Mall into a premier destination that reflects the evolving stakeholder needs.


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