IREM & RMI launch energy & sustainability online courses

Chicago, IL — The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) partnered to develop online sustainability courses that enable individuals to evaluate precisely how a deep retrofit project will contribute to the net value of a real estate asset and how to leverage that knowledge to build a business case and proposal.“Analyzing and Presenting Deep Retrofit Value Series” offers three courses based on RMI’s practice guide, Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Investors. These sustainability courses provide a systematic and adaptable process for assessing the many benefits of deep retrofits including energy and operating cost savings, and revenue opportunities that enhance property value.“Sustainability is becoming more and more important in real estate management. It demonstrates quality management and presents an opportunity to enhance asset value,” said Lori Burger, CPM, IREM president. “We are pleased to partner with RMI to offer industry professionals this new sustainability and energy-efficiency education, and the convenient online package enables professionals to pursue education at their own pace and on their own schedule.”

“These courses will empower professionals in the investment real estate industry to make a compelling case to move projects forward with owners, investors, and other stakeholders,” said Michael Bendewald, a manager on RMI’s buildings team and an author of RMI’s practice guide.IREM and RMI are working to equip real estate investors with practical guidance to incorporate all the value elements of deep retrofits – including development-cost reductions, operating-cost savings, risk analysis, tenant-based revenues, and sales proceeds – into their decision making.


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