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Rosedale Roofing continues to evolve with the latest roofing materials and technologies

The year was 1960 and Joe Correlli Sr. was raising his family and working at the Bethlehem Shipyard in East Baltimore, Maryland. While securely employed in a strong and stable industry, Mr. Correlli had an even stronger entrepreneurial spirit to own his own business and improve his family’s future. With that spirit Mr. Correlli took the opportunity to start a small roofing company in the basement of the family’s Rosedale home. The young business was helped by having a built in workforce of five strong healthy sons and it immediately began growing due to Mr. Correlli’s insistence on honesty and service to the customer. The whole family pitched in with the Correlli boys working on roofs after school and during their summers off. With their early success, it didn’t take long to outgrow the home office, and in 1984 they purchased a piece of commercial property and built a new building to serve as Rosedale Roofing’s office and warehouse. The new location enabled the young company to invest in more roofing and sheet metal equipment, which further helped their growth.As the business evolved, three of the Correlli boys took an especially strong interest in helping the company grow and each settled into a portion of the business that suited their personalities and skills. Joe Jr. ran the field operations working with the men on the roof each day, Tony helped in the office and eventually took over the business and finance of the company, while Dominic ran estimating and project management.The 1980’s brought major changes to the roofing industry with the introduction of EPDM single ply membrane as an economical alternative to traditional hot asphalt roofing. The young Correlli’s now firmly entrenched in the family business saw the future and encouraged Mr. Correlli to fully embrace this new roofing material.As a result Rosedale Roofing became early experts in the area of single ply roofing. This change would benefit them greatly as single ply roofing grew to take over the commercial roofing industry.

The second generation also continued to invest in the company’s future and in 1998 expanded into a modern office and warehouse facility at their current location on Middle River Rd. in Northeast Baltimore County.Today under the leadership of a third generation of Correlli’s, Rosedale Roofing has grown to become one of the largest roofing companies in the Mid-Atlantic market.Rosedale Roofing has continued to evolve with the industry, becoming leaders in the installation of the latest roofing materials and technologies, including light colored energy efficient thermoplastic membranes.Rosedale Roofing is one of the most highly awarded roofing companies in the Country, having won prestigious quality and service awards from leading roofing manufacturers. Rosedale Roofing is available to service all of your commercial and residential roofing needs from repair and service to re-re-roofing and new construction.

Rosedale Roofing’s greatest achievement is shown in the loyal customer relationships that have stayed with the family business for three generations! While their business has grown, Rosedale Roofing’s principles have stayed true to Mr. Correlli’s foundation of honesty and true service to the customer.

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