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SG Blocks designs, builds and installs Coffee Shop Container Cafe

NEW YORK, NY — SG Blocks, a designer, innovator and fabricator of container-based structures, announced it has designed, built and successfully installed the Oakland Coffee Shop Container Cafe. California Capital & Investment Group commissioned SG Blocks to create the 960 ft bar and restaurant concept, which was designed in conjunction with the Weske Karr Design Group. It is located at 1608 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA. “We are pleased to have successfully delivered the cafe, which both Oakland residents and visitors will have the chance to enjoy,” said Paul Galvin, chairman and CEO of SG Blocks. “This latest project exemplifies the demand for our modular green building unit, and we look forward to continuing our expansion both nationally and internationally.” “We were presented a sliver lot that had very limited access from the street. The challenge was getting the modules lifted into the site around the two larger buildings and a large tree that covered the front of the site,” said Stevan Armstrong, president and chief operating officer of SG Blocks. “The use of containers was a natural solution due to their ease of lifting and modular size, which lent itself to the limited access.”

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