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Community healthcare associates revitalizes medical facilities

Community healthcare associates is a healthcare real estate development firm with an extensive working knowledge in the areas of healthcare industry norms, real estate development, government affairs, capital markets, and related incentive programs. CHA’s principals are experts in all facets of the process of revitalizing former medical facilities, including the necessary skills and experience to work directly with the key players in the redevelopment process. In each of its projects, CHA helps medical professionals with program development and group formation to create optimal, custom-built office suites that provide patients with optimal, cost-effective healthcare facilities. Additionally, CHA’s services include concept design, architectural and engineering, permitting, governmental approvals, and construction management.

As a result of the ongoing shift in how healthcare services are delivered in the region, namely from an in-patient to an out-patient model, many economically struggling healthcare facilities are often forced to close their doors to the public, often times after sitting vacant for extended periods of time. These closed former healthcare facilities often lower surrounding property values and result in the increased potential for vandalism and blight. As a result of CHA’s efforts to repurpose these facilities into Medical Arts Complexes, CHA fuels the engine of economic development. By way of example, CHA’s projects create jobs, reintroduce tax ratables, and perhaps most importantly, reintroduce top communities in need the availability of quality healthcare services.

To date, CHA has successfully repurposed three former acute-care hospitals in the State of New Jersey. In each of Paterson, Jersey City and Hammonton, CHA’s projects were viewed favorably by the local authorities for their commitment to reintroduce much needed community-based, out-patient healthcare services. Today, each of these projects are nearly 100% occupied and generating positive reviews from patients, tenants and government officials. In addition to the repurposing of former healthcare facilities, CHA is an active developer of new projects as well. One of CHA’s current projects is the ground-up construction of a new, state-of-the-art medical office building in Rockaway Beach, New York. CHA commenced construction on this new, 55,000 s/f medical office building in Q4 2016, and has branded it as the Rockaway beach medical arts complex. When completed, this facility will be one of the most desirable medical office buildings in all of the Rockaways. The project is anchored by South Nassau Communities Hospital, the region’s leading medical service provider, and will also include a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center, primary care and specialty physician offices, an imaging center, a pharmacy, and more. Construction is estimated to be completed by Q4 2017.

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