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  • By Alan Fruitman,

The Triple Net (NNN) Property Book

While on vacation several years ago, one of my friends told me about a book she wanted to write. She was an expert in her field; her knowledge and insight would benefit her clients in countless ways. After encouraging my friend to write her book, I knew that my clients needed an insightful, accurate and educational book on NNN property.

Many people had asked me to write a NNN property book. I resisted because writing a book is a tremendous undertaking. That evening, while on vacation, I went back to my hotel room and detailed the information my NNN buyers need to know, questions they frequently ask me and questions they should ask. Many hours later, I finished an outline that I would use to craft my book. I then began the daunting task of writing almost all of the knowledge, insight and trade secrets I share with my NNN property buyers into the pages of my forthcoming book.

Fast forward six grueling months – The NNN Triple Net Property Book was published. My clients now benefit from a written book with information, perspective and stories spanning 20+ years of helping buyers purchase NNN and other investment properties – in addition to my personal guidance throughout their purchase. Topics in my book include: passive vs. active income, who buys NNN property, why buy NNN property, choosing the right location, choosing the right tenant, the two happiest days of owning NNN property, differences in cap rates, negotiation, diversification, leverage, which states to target or avoid, what does your real estate broker do, why relationships matter, whom does your broker represent, how the seller views you, what a seller wants, how your attorney can help or hurt you, environmental issues, comparing ground lease and fee simple properties, what to do with cash, not all NNN properties are the same, the type of property tenants prefer, big box vs. smaller box, does your property need to be close to where you live, franchise vs. corporate lease, 9 warnings, the process & the property, LOI before you fly, the 96% rule, timeline of your purchase, why the estoppel certificate is important, 1031 exchange, like-property, how should you take title, what buyers need to hear, you will be prepared for success.Yes, this sounds like a lot.

Fortunately, my book is concise, not dry, filled with information & stories, and can be read in approximately two hours. The best part is you can download a pdf copy of my book for free at or purchase on Amazon at my true cost (approximately $4 dollars). Last but not least, I will mail a free copy if you are looking to purchase NNN property.

NNN property is not for everyone. The NNN Triple Net Property Book will help you determine if NNN property is right for you.

Alan Fruitman is founder of and author of The NNN Triple Net Property Book.

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