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Best Technology firm of 2017

GO VR Today, LLC

Type of Company: End-to-End Technology Service Provider What type of Technology do you specialize in: Immersive Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Tours How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products: Realtors will benefit as our services will provide an on-line 24 by 7 “Open House” which will reduce the time to market a property. Buyers and renters can virtually walk through a property at their convenience without scheduling/inconveniencing sellers and owners. Brokers can market around the globe with HD 360° immersive images with voice, text and in multiple languages. Buyers agents will reduce their time as their clients can virtually see the property immediately, at their convenience without traveling to the property. Our company offers the latest integrated, immersive and interactive state-of-the-art technology which can greatly increase business for our clients. We use the newest, digitally generated virtual reality (VR) media so that buyers and renters can experience an “open house” 360° walk through of a property 24 by 7 without scheduling an appointment or interrupting you. Our technology motivates, builds desire in prospective purchasers and renters to existing properties or those under construction. We can even augment a vacant property by virtually adding furnishings and furniture. To reach out to potential clients that speak other languages, we can present your entire virtual open house in multiple languages. Our new marketing dimension forever changes the way to interest clients and market properties locally and globally.

Integrated Business Systems (IBS)

Type of Company: Boutique business technology solutions firm

What type of Technology do you specialize in: property management/accounting software and support; managed IT services

How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products: IBS’s Imperium Powered by Acumatica property management/accounting system is designed to serve as the core of the commercial real estate technology stack. It acts as a single, mission-critical source for capturing and processing real estate enterprise data – integrating with best-in-class applications across multiple real estate services categories. And because it is a cloud solution, Imperium addresses the requirements of an increasingly collaborative and mobile – anytime, anyone, anyplace – business world.

IBS was established in 1979 with the goal to provide truly turnkey IT solutions. At the time, the use of computers in commercial real estate operations was virtually nonexistent. Nearly four decades later, technology has transformed the way the business world operates. Throughout this revolution, IBS consistently has remained a recognized NY/NJ regional leader in its niche; more than 75 prominent commercial property owners and operators use its software today. By investing in the quality of its team and resources, and with input from clients, IBS has evolved to keep pace with changing technology and the opportunities it affords.

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