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  • Firm changes lives in distressed neighborhoods

Up-and-comer Kairos Development Group sets sights on impact real estate development in Greater Phila

Kairos Development Group seeks to change lives in distressed neighborhoods, while stimulating the economy and providing healthy returns to investors by pursuing impact real estate development opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area. Minority- and women-owned firm Kairos Development Group is making its way onto the real estate development scene, pursuing opportunities to provide a social impact model to its real estate development strategy. Kairos emphasizes building relationships with local communities, municipalities and counties in order to obtain an understanding of the opportunities and needs of each location. Central to the Kairos modus operandi is considering each community’s unique qualities in laying out a plan, a special recipe of strategic ingredients to facilitate thriving. Managing partner and vice president Krista Wieder explained the reason behind this strategy saying, “The way we do real estate development can have a major impact on the economic health of our cities. By creating social value through creative and innovative solutions, Social Impact Real Estate is becoming a win-win solution to some of our most seemingly intractable urban problems, particularly in redeveloping communities. By seeing the big picture opportunities of the job market, housing market and related social needs, our plans ensure that there are no gaps that may have thwarted some of the previous, less comprehensive yet well-meaning real estate development efforts.”

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