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Rose CRE negotiates the sale and land preservation of the 26 acre Holly Ravine Farm

Cherry Hill, NJ — Rose Commercial Real Estate, a real estate brokerage firm in South Jersey, announced the successful negotiation of the sale and land preservation of the 26-acre Holly Ravine Farm located at 350 East Evesham Rd., Cherry Hill. The property, previously owned by the Estate of Eva D. Gilmour, has been sold to the Township of Cherry Hill for $3,859,000.

The Holly Ravine Farm, a cherished landmark in Cherry Hill, was the former home of the Cowtail Bar and held significant historical value to the community. When the property became available for sale, Rose Commercial Real Estate, led by Jeff Lucas, director of business development, was honored to be named the listing broker.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the site, Jeff Lucas and the Rose Commercial Real Estate team worked diligently to secure approval for the land purchase and ensure that the property, rich in history and memories, would be protected forever. Jeff collaborated closely with former Cherry Hill Township Council President and current Mayor, David Fleisher, to facilitate the acquisition and preservation of the Holly Ravine Farm.

The 26-acre property, located at the corner of Evesham and Springdale Rds., has been in the ownership of the family of former Mayor John C. Gilmour, Jr. The sale and preservation of the Holly Ravine Farm represent a significant milestone for the community and will contribute to preserving the historical heritage of Cherry Hill.

Rose Commercial Real Estate facilitated the transaction between the buyer, Township of Cherry Hill, and the seller, Estate of Eva D. Gilmour, ensuring a smooth and successful closing on January 22, 2024. The sale price of $3,859,000 reflects the value and significance of the Holly Ravine Farm to the community.


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