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  • By Kristi Marinelli, KLM Consulting, LLC

Save $ on insurance premiums by building green!

Did you know over 90% of Insurance Agents over look offering insurance premium discounts that apply to your LEED certified building? Most building owners and facilities managers know about the most publicized benefits of achieving LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification under the Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance rating system (LEED-EB: O+M)—a lower carbon footprint and a building that is operating at peak performance. Building owners often tell us that while they can appreciate those benefits, they just can’t afford the registration and certification costs. But here’s a question many building owners probably haven’t asked themselves: Can they afford not to pursue LEED-EB: O+M certification?

There are numerous benefits—financial and otherwise—that LEED-EB certification at any level can provide, for this article…”insurance discounts!”

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