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Tubs, Tile and Porcelain Will Never Be the Same

For reglazers and refinishers, the Armorguard® System is a radically better 
idea. This is the first water-based system to finish and refurbish tile meaning fewer
steps without acid-etch, solvents, bonds or epoxies, and without air feed 
respirators. It’s easier to work with, cleans-up without solvents and there is 
no chalking, yellowing or noxious odors to upset occupants and owners. 
Best of all, it cures overnight, treat it today, use it tomorrow. With the first 
truly water-based system, Seagrave has changed everything. Again. We’ve Streamlined Tub and Tile Finishing The Armorguard® Water-Based system is a streamlined innovation for the
re finishing of tubs, tile and all things porcelain. Your past issues with solvent -
polyurethane finickiness, and concerns about “free” isocyanates that required special respirators are a thing of the past, and you’ll love cleaning-up without solvents. At Seagrave, we’ve been reinventing paint and coatings since 1846. Armorguard® and Miraglaze®, our polyaspartic high solids top coat, are breakthrough products changing everything for the better.

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