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  • By Lisa Cassidy, ecoImagine

The future of sustainable housing is here

Twenty years ago, I worked in the energy conservation department of a large New England electric utility. Despite the obvious conflict of trying to save utility customers money by offering them energy efficient products and services, we were excited to offer revolutionary new products ranging from energy efficient light bulbs to remote monitoring systems for commercial buildings. The purpose of these conservation programs was to provide residents and businesses the tools they needed to conserve energy. To us, there was no reason why someone might not want to participate. I mean, save energy and money? That was a no brainer. However, there were obstacles. The products didn’t always work as well as we hoped. The technology available in the early 1990s wasn’t based on WIFI so connectivity was a challenge. And probably worst of all, “ease of use” was practically an oxymoron for everything, but the light bulbs. Needless to say adoption was slower than anticipated.

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