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Best of 2018: The Best Technology Firm

What type of Technology do you specialize in? Property management/accounting and construction management/accounting software and support. How does the Commercial RE field benefit from your services/products? Well-integrated technology stacks help commercial real estate practitioners streamline routine business tasks and also greatly increase their ability to use information to improve planning. The “stack” is powered by the multi-cloud world. This means multiple business applications and services in the cloud effortlessly interact in a way that best serves the individual users. With the universal growth of platforms powering business functions, the importance of a technology stack is being recognized in all industries, old and new, small and large. IBS’s Imperium Powered by Acumatica property management/accounting system and the Acumatica Construction Edition construction management/accounting system respectively serve as the tech stack core for property operations and construction/development. Both are mission-critical sources for capturing and processing enterprise data – integrating with best-in-class applications across multiple real estate services categories. And because they are cloud solutions, both products address the requirements of an increasingly collaborative and mobile – anytime, any device, anyplace – business world.




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