• By Staci Saeger, NAI Summit

With Spring Flowers Brings… More Real Estate! Lehigh Valley Spring Market Update

With spring flowers brings more real estate activity is an understatement for the Lehigh Valley. The growth of the region throughout the years has been tremendous and that’s only going to continue. For the third year in a row, Site Selection magazine ranked The Lehigh Valley among the Top Five Best Performing Regions of its size in terms of economic development in the Northeastern United States. Much of the growing success can be contributed to the manufacturing, finance, insurance, and real estate industries. The Lehigh Valley’s prime location boasts ease of access to ample consumers, 30 to 90 minutes away from three international airports that includes a Foreign Trade Zone status. The region’s infrastructure provides three major interstates which offer short commutes to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. There is even rail service and quick access to two water ports that make conducting business and getting the job done all the easier.



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