• Company with over 30 years of specialty property

Meadowlands Appraisal expands its service practice

Owner operated by Michael Wm. Jaeger, Certified Tax Assessor, General Commercial Appraiser and member of the ASA with an RP-ASA Designation. Meadowlands Appraisal was created in October 1987, just before the infamous stock market meltdown. A well seasoned commercial company with over 30 years of commercial and specialty property analysis. Additionally, Jaeger also served as an assessor and assistant assessor in four communities offering a wide valuation exposure to single payer retail buildings, major garden apartment and high- rise residential buildings. Other properties include data centers, high volume warehouse, etc. Addressed more than 5,000 tax appeals over his lifetime of 25 years. That commercial experience led to the conclusion that if a property owner/business owner could control his expense costs, ie. Electric and heating costs, sewer and water costs and recycling/waste management, the value of their property and/or business enterprise would increase proportionately.




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