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Crystal's 1450D Terrace Door excels as a top national product

QUEENS, NY — Crystal’s award winning products continue to be recognized by the national design and construction industry. The company’s newly enhanced Series 1450D Terrace Door, with an optional ADA compliant low sill, was named to the Building Design + Construction (BD+C) Magazine 2023 Top 75 Building Products List in the November/December 2023 issue. Making Crystal’s recognition all the more prestigious was that the published list covered not just fenestration-related, but all building products used in new and rehab construction projects.

The 2023 BD+C Top Products List has eight categories. The Crystal Series 1450D Terrace Door is one of seven window and door products, and one of only four exterior window and door products, to make the list. Products were assessed on their overall potential benefit to construction project teams; usefulness to clients in terms of performance and maintenance; impact on building occupants’ health, safety, wellness, and productivity; and degree of innovation in the product category. The enhanced Crystal Series 1450D Terrace Door scored high on all these key characteristics.

In selecting the top products, the publication invited manufacturers to submit new products for consideration and the magazine’s editorial team evaluated the products based on innovation and overall usefulness to the industry. Then the national industry publication engaged a jury of Architect-Engineering Construction (AEC) professionals with experience in the product specification and purchase process for the final selection.

“I’m proud that Crystal’s industry-leading window and door products continue to be valued and recognized by the building industry,” said Sabrina Leung, Crystal’s R&D and architectural sales manager. “The most exciting optional feature of our enhanced Series 1450D Terrace Door is our ADA compliant ½” high low sill. With this door, Crystal is now among the few elite fenestration manufacturers to offer an independent laboratory waterpenetration-tested and certified ADA low sill terrace door. By removing a potential tripping hazard and impediment to mobility, Crystal’s low sill door is certainly a major benefit to seniors and those living with disabilities.”

Crystal’s redesign of the popular high-end door also includes new features to achieve superior energy performance. The Series 1450 Terrace Door uses advanced polyamide thermal break heavy-duty construction for U-values as low as 0.32 and offers glazing of either 1” or 1-¼” tempered dual- or triple-pane insulated glass units more Crystal Window & Door Systems’ redesigned Series 1450D Terrace Door was named to Building Design & Construction’s Top 75 Building Products List for 2023.


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