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Hudson Atlantic Realty off to strong start with $200+ Million in closed deals in 1st half of 2022

The beginning of 2022 has been an incredible start to the year for Hudson Atlantic Realty. With more than $200 million in closings in the first half of the year, which included more than 1,000 apartments in 11 separate Deals, Hudson Atlantic has firmly planted its flag in the commercial real estate market. These impressive results in their first full year of operation are a direct result of the company’s cutting-edge market intelligence and deep relationships within the investment and development communities.

Managing partner Adam Zweibel explained the success of the company, "Different from the scattershot approach of indiscriminately blasting an offering far and wide, or pocketing listings without proper exposure to the right buyers; our marketing plan begins with selectively engaging the right investors based upon their criteria and deal history to control exposure and maximize results. Our "Whole of Company" approach extends our reach and drives success for our clients, our professionals, and our company:'

Jeffrey Otteau, the firm’s managing broker and chief economist added that “multi-family apartments have proven themselves to the premier asset class for investors over the past decade because of the durability of their income streams as our economy continues to transition toward a European Model.”

Based upon the company’s record-breaking sales in the first half of the year, Hudson Atlantic is optimistic about the future as inflationary pressures typically push rents higher for income producing real estate and rising interest rates can increase apartment demand as the affordability of homeownership is diminished. Which is why both partners feel the best is yet to come for this dynamic company.


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