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REDCOM Design & Construction LLC founded by Jim Redington as REDCO

REDCOM Design & Construction LLC is a second-generation general contracting company equipped with in-house professionals experienced in architectural design, civil engineering, construction, and land development. Before becoming one of the leading car dealership builders in New Jersey, REDCOM started out with a man, a lot of persistence, and a vision. Before it was known as REDCOM, Jim Redington, the first-generation owner, founded the company as REDCO Engineering & Construction Corp. in 1982. REDCO began its work building car dealerships throughout the state of New Jersey, starting with its first project Autosport Honda in Bridgewater. The team renovated a building on Route 22 into a state-of-the-art Honda dealership. Redington’s perseverance with winning this project not only broke REDCO into the car dealership industry but also sparked the company’s reputation for repeat business with its past clients.

Jim Redington led the company to build and renovate many dealerships throughout his time as the owner of REDCO. With ten years of hard work leading to success as an engineering and construction firm, Gregory J. Redington, the current president of REDCOM, joined REDCO alongside his father as an engineer. In 1997, Gregory J. Redington officially became the second president of REDCO Engineering & Construction Corp.

During his time as president, Greg Redington was able to merge REDCO with his wife’s, Michele Modestino’s, company Modestino Architects in 2000 to form REDCOM, which added design services to the firm’s expertise.


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