ZOOM, ZOOM –Meetings!

There is a new way to have meetings!!! The new safe, social distancing protocol for meetings is now either ZOOM or GO TO MEETINGS. Management companies have really become proficient in conducting meetings in a way that allows for board members, Committee members and residents to participate, simply observe, or just listen while meetings are in session. Documents can be displayed and discussed, and even though all meetings can be recorded, * Attorneys recommend that boards and managers not record all meetings. During these special times when it is not safe to conduct meetings in person, management firms have a solution that is working well. Most companies have purchased Zoom Enterprise licenses to be used by all current and future communities under contract or prospective clients. It is a great way to meet and interview a prospective management firm, and it is an effective way to conduct board meetings, Workshops or open meetings which allow for resident observation and/or participation.



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