• By Sam Shapiro, MBA, ABLE Services

The evolution of sustainability on the business of real estate

At a recent business roundtable hosted by the Wall Street Journal, the topic of business decisions was debated; should profit be the exclusive motivator for decision making? Or as some corporate leaders suggested, should we be considering all stakeholders – clients, customers, community & environment? 2019 has been referred to as the year the world woke up to a changing environment. With the planet’s record high temperatures, epic fires in Australia, flooding in Venice and Jakarta, and unpredictable weather patterns; what will this new decade bring? So far 2020 has proven to be unpredictable and the consequence of the Corona Virus is yet to be determined. In this era of uncertainty, commercial real estate professionals are not sitting idle. Owners and managers are taking steps to mitigate the effects of changing weather patterns with design-based technologies intended to enhance resiliency.



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